This magnificent plugin insert few lines of text termed as snippets that appear under google search result. The additional information provided to user is based on Virtuemart and Joomla articles.


For Virtuemart

  • Show price of product.
  • Show product rating.
  • Show product review as vote.
  • Show price with currency.
  • Show Product description.
  • Show manufacturer part number.
  • Show product availability based on stock.
  • Show vendors of corresponding products.

For Article

  • Show Article Rating.
  • Show Review.
  • Show Description.
  • Author profile picture (google may not show picture in search).
  • Article Author(google may not show author in search).

Using Module:

Use the module on the right side of the screen, to check the product.

Check product standards on google =>  to check if google finds all information of product from the product details page.

Check product preview on google => to check if product is verified by google and rich snippet is working, if preview is available.


How to check your self:

  • Click on any product and go to product-details page
  • Copy the Url
  • Click on the url =>
  • paste the product details url on the field visible , click on Run Test
  • On the new screen after the test you will see results on the right side of the screen with 0 error and 0 warning
  • This indicates that the page is valid and have all information required for the rich snippets by google.
  • Click on the product tab on right side and a preview button will be available as
  • Click on the priview button to view the product as it will be displayed on google.
  • If there is any error that google finds this view will not be available